Adding  Extra Wifi: so we can ALL Tweet live at the #140ConfHV!

Founded in 1997, Webjogger has been providing Internet service to customers in the Hudson Valley for over 10 years. Offering services that range from traditional dialup and webhosting to highspeed wireless broadband and fully secure VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks), Webjogger is well positioned to meet its customers’ business connectivity needs.

Expanding westward from the original headquarters in Tivoli, where the network operations center remains, into Kingston, NY, which now serves as the base for fast, reliable, and secure high-speed wireless Internet access and business-to-business connectivity.

Webjogger is a locally owned and operated company, involved with and committed to the greater Hudson Valley community. Webjogger is easy to get in touch with and are not a far-away, faceless, immense corporation. With a proven record of excellent, friendly, knowledgeable customer service and technical support, Webjogger are your neighbors and we are your local Internet Service Provider.

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TEL: (845) 757-4000

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