The Characters:

Sueanne Shirzay

Twitter: @SueanneShirzay
Location: Long Island, NY
I design colorful jewelry for the most colorful women and men in the world. #ColorfulWoman Founder: Sueanne Shirzay Jewelry Founder: @KillerSocial

Rhea Drysdale

Twitter: @Rhea
Location: Troy, NY
CEO of Outspoken Media. SEO, link dev and ORM specialties. Based in Troy, NY. Jacksonville, FL native. Visit:

Saul Colt

Twitter: @saulcolt
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Mayor of Twitter, Smartest Man in the World, The Internet's Head of Magic (R) and graduate of the Handsome Boy Modeling School.

Lisa Barone

Twitter: @LisaBarone
Location: Albany, NY
VP of Strategy at @Overit, a digital agency Redefining Creative through motion graphics, development, design, SEO/PPC, PR, content & social.

Josepf J Haslam

Twitter: @Josepf
Location: NYC LA PHL CHI
SVP Digital Marketing 4 @JCPR Melding Digital w/ #PR for superior client Business Results | |

The McGraw-Hill Cos.

Twitter: @McGrawHillCos
Location: Global
A powerhouse in credit ratings, benchmarks and analytics for the global capital and commodity markets. Visit our website at

Jen Dragon

Twitter: @jenwdragon

Helen Klein Ross

Twitter: @adbroad

julie novak

Twitter: @clingrap

Peg Fitzpatrick

Twitter: @PegFitzpatrick


Twitter: @SariDragon


Twitter: @sleepjunky

Lee Bogner

Twitter: @LeeBogner

Andy Affleck

Twitter: @aaffleck

Dino Dogan

Twitter: @dino_dogan

David Parmet

Twitter: @davidparmet


Twitter: @BGHV

Brooke Anthony

Twitter: @brookeanthony

Claudia C D'Arcy

Twitter: @FauxClaud

Kathryn Velvel Jones

Twitter: @kathrynjones

Roscoe NewYork

Twitter: @RoscoeNY

HiHoHomeMarket Heidi

Twitter: @HiHoHome

Ashley Drewes, owner

Twitter: @ShopSugartown

Kat Caverly

Twitter: @KatCaverly

Eva Tenuto

Twitter: @EvaTenuto

Rosemarie Monaco

Twitter: @roemonaco

Justin Fulcher

Twitter: @JustinFulcher

Alicia Schaefer

Twitter: @aschae

Carol Galione-Buskey

Twitter: @earth2carol

Scarlett Fiona

Twitter: @Feefeekatt

Lewis Poretz

Twitter: @LewisPoretz

Jillian. Not Jill.

Twitter: @OneJillian

Patrick W. Decker

Twitter: @patrickwdecker

Neil Alexander

Twitter: @nailmusic